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Professional Accreditation - How to Apply

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Before an application can be processed, the applicant must first send an email to to register an intention to submit an application. OPERC will then forward a one-off invoice for 300 to the applicant together with an application form within one working month of the email's receipt. This fee is not refundable and it does not in any way guarantee that the applicant will be successful.

Upon receipt of the completed application form a further working month is required to consider the application and vet at least two referees who support it.

All correspondence should be sent to:

Mr Barry Robinson, MBE
OPERC Executive
PO Box 5039
Tel: 01384 356202
Fax: 01384 356202

All applicants will be notified by mail at the end of the application process (which could take between 6-8 weeks). The decision can be challenged provided the circumstances of the applicant have changed significantly and have improved since the first application was made. Physical evidence must be provided by the applicant and the challenge must be made within twelve months of the original application. Any challenge will cost an additional 300 to register the applicant.