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Benefits of OPERC Membership

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from becoming an OPERC Member. These include the following:

Free and Discounted Publications

OPERC Members receive a discount on the purchase of any print copy of OPERC publications. In addition, note also that:

  • upon attendance, Members each receive a free (print) copy of any new publication that is released at an OPERC event; and
  • PDF versions of most OPERC publications are available free from the Members Area (see below) of the OPERC website.

As a Member you can also recommend the writing and production of particular technical publications. For example, to advise on meeting the demands of new workplace legislation, or to address a shortfall in existing technical knowledge.

Wherever possible OPERC will meet the costs of these publications, so that Members do not have to incur these costs themselves.

Free Attendance at OPERC Seminars and Trade Events

These meetings are typically sponsored by industry. Previous sponsors include J.C. Bamford and Finning UK Ltd. In addition, OPERC enjoys a close working relationship with the Health and Safety Executive, who also sometimes sponsor and host these types of event.

OPERC meetings typically include:

  • presentations by leading plant and equipment researchers and practitioners;
  • dissemination of the latest research findings from leading plant and equipment academics;
  • discussions on future OPERC initiatives (such as technical publications); and
  • any other items of interest to Members!

Conferences are also held and provide an opportunity for Members to observe and provide an input to, the very latest 'blue skies' academic research work.

Shared Ownership of Information Technology Resources

As an example, OPERC offers a leading-edge web based, operative health and safety testing and certification facility. Members are entitled to a significant discount on the test fee and in the event of a candidate failing the test, a free retest is issued.

Bespoke testing systems can also be developed for your specific work environment, again at a discounted rate and in such cases, you would co-own the final system.

Some of OPERC's test environment is mapped to relevant NVQs and can therefore also be used as knowledge evidence, for these type of work based qualifications.

Free Access to the OPERC Website Members Area

The Members Area offers an array of facilities exclusive to Members including:

  • Administrative functions - that allow you personalise and manage your OPERC account.
  • Educational resources - with equipment information and images; free OPERC publications in PDF form; a comprehensive bookshop; and a Lifelong Learning Zone.
  • Member-specific services - including a plant theft register; product and services register; insurance and legal services directory; and a feedback facility.

These facilities are each very extensive in their own right. For example, the Lifelong Learning Zone provides materials covering a wide range of educational resources for students, managers, plant operators and other professionals such as:

  • a complete range of self-study learning modules in health and safety subjects;
  • group study presentations prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint; and
  • learners' handout material (etc.).

Networking Opportunities

OPERC provides opportunity for those involved in the plant and equipment sector, to meet like-minded professionals and openly discuss the issues that industry faces; with opportunity to gain advice and guidance from this valuable network.

To join OPERC today click here and become a valued stakeholder in one of industry's fastest growing and most exciting international centres of excellence for all forms of plant and equipment science.