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General Terms and Conditions
HAVTEC (Hand-arm Vibration Test Centre) Terms and Conditions


The OPERC website is owned and maintained by Dr David J. Edwards (herein referred to as the 'owner') and members (or other users) of any facilities or services provided by the owner must read these terms and conditions carefully as they contain important information.

Ownership of rights
All rights, including copyright, on the official OPERC website (url: www.operc.com) are owned by, or licensed to, the owner. Use of any contents contained on the OPERC website (including copying and storage) is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the owner, with the exception of OPERC members who may access information for private use or OPERC accredited educational purposes.

Content accuracy
Every effort has been taken during the development and continual update of this website to ensure that all information is accurate and that products available have been fairly described. All costs quoted (with the exception of textbooks) are exclusive of VAT and orders will only be accepted where there are no material errors in the description of products advertised on this website. The owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the contents of this website.

The owner, nor OPERC, are not liable for the views and opinions of individual members.

Hardware of software damage and access to websites
The owner cannot guarantee that access to this website will not damage your computer hardware or software even though every effort has been taken to ensure that this website is free from computer viruses and/or other defects. The owner has also included links to other websites which you may find useful, however, the owner does not vet these websites and is not responsible for (nor have any control over) content included upon them. The onus of responsibility is on you to ensure that you are using adequate hardware and software and that suitable protection has been provided to screen out anything that may damage hardware and/or software. The owner does not accept any liability in respect of the use of these websites.

User ID and password security

OPERC members are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user ID and password and thus, access to your control panel and member account. The owner does not accept, and shall not be liable, for any failure of members to protect the confidentiality of personal user ID and password codes.

Product/service availability
All products and services are subject to availability and you will be informed by IRAS Group (otherwise referred to as the 'distributor') as soon as possible if the products and/or services you have ordered are not available.


Orders cannot be corrected once your order has been submitted. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that your order is correct before you submit an order.

Orders can be paid by cheque or via merchant banking facilities provided by Barclays Bank. All cheques have to be cleared before products and/or services are made available to you. All card payments made on this website are protected by a secure connection and therefore, your credit card details are encrypted prior to them being transferred to Barclays Bank for authorisation.

Receipt for products and/services purchased
When placing an order for a product and/or service, it is your responsibility to enter your correct email address as this will allow a confirmation email to be sent directly to you.

Health and safety test
Each user of the test will be presented with five free credits that must be used in order to determine that your computer hardware and software are adequate and functioning correctly. Thereafter, the user must forward an email to OPERC or IRAS Group to confirm that he/she has successfully used the test and that no technical problems have been encountered.

Neither the owner or IRAS Group cannot accept any liability should break in connection occur whilst taking a test. However, in the event of a broken connection, the user's test credit will not be used.

It is also the responsibility of the test co-ordinator to ensure that company and invigilator details are complete, current and accurate.

Users must ensure that their hardware has Java software installed on it (if using some Microsoft products) otherwise the test may not function. Java can be downloaded free of charge from some internet sites and users may find the 'Sun' site useful http://www.java.com and specifically, http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp (viewed at 1/10/03).

Changes to terms and conditions
The owner and OPERC Executive reserve the right to change aspects of the terms and conditions as and when required without notifying every member or user. Therefore, members and other users must read these terms and conditions regularly.


HAVTEC (Hand-arm Vibration Test Centre) TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.0 Availability of the results
The vibration test results held on the HAVTEC register will be made freely available to all for educational purposes; unless an individual manufacturer objects to the publication of these. Test results must not be sold nor distributed to a third party without the full written permission of OPERC Executive. Neither can information contained in the HAVTEC database be used in commercial products, services, literature or any other medium that seeks to make a profit or charge for such. Users of the HAVTEC register are advised to regularly update themselves with 'current' register information since reputable manufacturers are constantly improving the performance of their tools and new tools are tested continually.

2.0 Interpretation of the results.
Generic and specific issues need to be considered when interpreting these results. There are always constraints when performing vibration measurements and these apply here. That is:

  • The measurements taken in these trials only used one sample of the tool. It is possible that the tool used is not entirely representative of other tools of the same model, due for example, to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Differences between these measurements and repeat measurements could occur, due to environmental conditions such as ambient temperature and supply frequency or voltage.
  • Only three participants were used for these trials. Some inter-operator differences were observed. Further and more extreme variations could be likely among other operators. Such differences could be due to individual anthropometry, biomechanics or tool operation style.
  • The tool tested was new and had an inserted tool in good condition. The performance of any power tool degrades as the inserted tool becomes dull. The performance of the tool tested here is likely to change as the tool ages.
  • Trials were performed on materials as dictated by manufacturers' budgets; those with higher budgets have completed more testing. However, vibration magnitude is affected by the nature of the material work piece. Ideally more trials would be completed using different work pieces such that an indication of variation could be obtained.

3.0 Guidance on tool purchasing decisions
Vibration data should only be used as one criteria upon which any purchasing decision should be made. Other considerations include: durability and reliability of the tool; service support and guarantees given; easy of maintenance; performance; longevity; and cost. Users should consider that as a tool ages, rotating and reciprocating parts wear and thus vibration levels increase and some tools may 'initially' have a lower vibration reading when new but may experience higher values (than competitor tools) during the machine's life.

4.0 Use of data
The data presented in the HAVTEC register is not provided as a solution to preventing operator over-exposure to excessive vibration levels. Rather it provides guidance information that will be useful to practitioners when used in conjunction with other control measures, for example: health surveillance; risk assessments; job rotations; maintenance of the tools; correct usage of personal protective equipment; and the correct selection of tools for the given task undertaken.

5.0 Legal obligations
The HAVTEC register does not replace any legal obligations upon employers (or employees) to provide (or undertake) basic health and safety training (or any other mandatory requirements, for example, under relevant health and safety legislation).

Every test undertaken and recorded on the HAVTEC register provides a unique set of vibration hazards and similarly, every person is unique in terms of cognitive and physical ability, knowledge and so on. For reasons such as these, the HAVTEC register must be accepted by the user solely as providing a basis for educational materials and nothing more.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of the HAVTEC register are correct, error free and representing best practice; but no guarantee is made express or implied that this is the case. It is also the user's responsibility to ensure that this version of HAVTEC is current. Accordingly, the HAVTEC register is offered without legal liability or responsibility on the part of the authors, the publishers, the distributor or anyone else involved in its production.

6.0 Manufacturer's consent to publish
Information contained within the HAVTEC register will only be reproduced with the manufacturers' consent and approval, made in writing, to OPERC or Executive representatives from OPERC. Manufacturers agree that their data can be made freely available to all users of HAVTEC and for commercial purposes and/or further analysis. Manufacturers agree to take full responsibility and liability for the accuracy of all data that they themselves upload onto the OPERC HAVTEC website.

7.0 Ownership
Data contained within the HAVTEC register will not be reproduced nor disseminated by users, in any format, without the express permission of OPERC Executive. However, all reasonable requests to use the data for whatever purposes will not be withheld. Any usage of the data must include an acknowledgement to OPERC and must use the following text:

"This information on vibration readings for plant and equipment was supplied free of charge by OPERC (www.operc.com)."

Text size should be minimum 8pt. font and should be accompanied by the OPERC logo (no smaller than 20mm x 20mm); copies of the logo can be supplied free of charge upon request.

8.0 Test badge scheme
Manufacturers and hirers who supply tools and equipment to be tested at OPERC, or those who support this initiative, reserve the right to use the official OPERC badge on their products to advertise to users that such have been independently tested at OPERC.

9.0 Free educational materials
All HAVTEC users are entitled to access free PDF distance learning materials on hand-arm vibration awareness for both managers and operatives. Shortly, a free on-line test will also be available.