HAVTEC Information

What is HAVTEC?
HAVTEC is the OPERC vibration testing facility. It provides independent assessment of the hand-arm vibration (HAV) exposure that an operator will be exposed to from the use of mechanical hand-held power tools. The results of the tests are recorded on the HAVTEC register, which is made available through the OPERC website.

Who does the testing and to what standard?
The testing is conducted by fully qualified experts in the field, using state-of-the art scientific measuring equipment. They work in close collaboration with several leading hand-held equipment manufacturers. All of our vibration tests are carried out under 'real' work conditions in full accordance with international standard ISO 5349 parts 1 and 2.

What manufacturers will I be able to find information on?
Our ever-increasing register includes manufacturers such as Hilti (Gt Britain Ltd), Heller, Hiretech, JCB, MacDonald Air Tools Ltd, Makita (UK) Ltd, Milwaulkee Kango, Standall Tools Ltd and others.

Who can access the HAVTEC register?
The HAVTEC register may be accessed free of charge by any individual company, local authority, training provider or other similar body or organisation. All we ask is that you provide an appropriate acknowledgement citing OPERC as the source of the data, should you reproduce, or refer to, the information from the register.

What information will I find in the HAVTEC register?
Information within the register includes machine performance statistics such as:

  • vibration emissions (expressed as Health Safety Executive (HSE) points);
  • vibration acceleration values;
  • time to the Exposure Action Value (EAV;
  • time to the Exposure Limit Value (ELV);
  • and where appropriate
  • machine performance

By including a range of useful and essential information, you can choose which statistics are most appropriate for your individual work scenario.

These performance indicators allow the tools to be assessed in terms of the maximum number of work units achievable by an operator in any working day, to remain compliant with current vibration legislation.

How can I benefit from using the data?
You will be able to use the data:

  • to help in comparing HAV emissions across various combinations of tools and tool-inserts;
  • to help in making informed tool procurement decisions; and
  • as the basis for reliable HAV risk assessments in accordance with the requirements of the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005).

What if I need further information or help?
OPERC also offers a HAV consultancy service, should any additional interpretation of vibration data be required, for example, if you need to know the maximum operator exposure times for particular tools, or for particular combinations of tools, to remain in compliance with current legislation.