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Welcome to Safetynet - the OPERC on-line Health and Safety Test!

The Safetynet health and safety test has been developed by IRAS Group with guidance given from international members of OPERC's steering committee group. The fundamental aim of Safetynet is to measure knowledge retained once an operative has undertaken basic 'plant or equipment' training. Safetynet can be used by any OPERC member (once registered) and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The test costs 15 to members (plus VAT) although the agreed charge to users is 40.

There are currently two variants of Safetynet, namely the operational and general test. For the operational test a total of 50 questions (relevant to plant and equipment operation and the industry that the machine is operated in) are presented to the candidate and the pass rate is set at 80 percent. Therefore, the candidate must answer 40 questions correctly to pass. For the general test a total of 35 general health and safety questions are presented to the candidate and the pass rate is again set at 80 percent. Therefore, the candidate must answer 28 questions correctly to pass.

One payment entitles the candidate to one free re-test for which the OPERC member is entitled to claim a test fee from the candidate; no further payment is made to OPERC.

The test represents an ideal measure of the trainee operator's knowledge retained once having undertaken a basic course in plant and equipment operation. It can also be used to periodically measure the retained knowledge of experienced operators albeit at this present time, the test is only applicable to mono plant items. In the near future, the test will be expanded to cover operators with multiple categories of plant and equipment on their operator's card. The following features provide further details of the test, which can be ordered and completed on-line.

Test Security

  • Test invigilation rules stipulated by Loughborough University will be used.
  • All members of the plant and equipment community will be able to use the test via a national accredited OPERC member.
  • OPERC invigilators will be nominated by accredited OPERC members.
  • Invigilators and test candidates will be given a unique security code that must be entered together before the test can commence.
  • All data is stored on a secure server.


  • Under invigilation rules candidates with learning difficulties can be assisted by the invigilator.
  • The user can either use a mouse or press a number on a keyboard to answer questions posed.
  • The screens presented to candidates are clear and simplistic to read and comprehend.

Test Management

  • The test is independently managed by Loughborough University and IRAS Group.
  • An intelligent system of test management has been developed so that members have limited administrative burden or form filling to complete.
  • Additional features (e.g instantaneous on-line queries) can be incorporated to suit your industry needs.
  • Test results are immediately available on screen.
  • Test results are automatically emailed to the invigilator and entered onto the secure database.
  • On-line reports are available and include performance analysis and test history reports, the latter allowing the details and scores of any test(s) undertaken to be selected and viewed.
  • Reports highlight the questions failed as these are just as important as those passed.
  • The test is mapped against knowledge evidence for several Scottish/National Vocational Qualifications (S/NVQ), including 'Specialised Plant and Machinery Operations - Level 2' and 'Distribution, Warehousing and Storage Operations - Level 2'.

Test Availability

  • The test is available to use seven days a week and 24 hours a day, anywhere on the planet. The only restriction is the availability of the test invigilator.
  • You do not have to book up any special arrangements or facilities; all you need is an on-line computer.
  • Tests can be completed when convenient so there is no need for expensive downtime.

Test Design

  • The test poses specific questions that relate to specific plant items. It is not a general health and safety test. Instead it seeks to measure retained knowledge of basic training on specific plant items.
  • The test is also industry specific (e.g. construction, mining, quarries etc.).
  • Questions are split into one of specific categories, namely, general operational techniques, specific operational techniques, maintenance and health and safety.
  • Failure to know the correct maintenance practices, for example, could lead to an accident occurring.
  • It is therefore vital that the OPERC test measures these categories to remain credible.

Wider Applications

  • The test can be used in any industry and at any employment level (operatives, managers etc.). The only thing that needs to be changed is the questions.
  • It can be used as an internal control measure to ensure that your employees have retained adequate knowledge of safety issues.
  • It could be used as part of an on-site induction package to assess the subcontract workforce.

The potential is endless...If you wish to apply to use the test please complete the Registration Form