Welcome to The Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre

The Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC) is renowned for being the leading international centre of excellence for plant and equipment management science and it is also one of the fastest growing profession trade bodies. OPERC brings together industry practitioners and prominent scholars under one umbrella organisation in order to share best practice and ideas. This unique combination of pragmatic knowledge and academic research work ensures that information produced by the cooperative is of the highest quality and value to members.

Our underpinning philosophy is to provide low cost, high quality products and service to members in order to ensure:

Improved health and safety throughout industry; Higher standards of training, education and competence development; Enhanced business processes leading to higher company profitability and performance; and Dissemination of cutting edge technological innovation and industry best practice.

Industries subscribing to OPERC include: plant hire, manufacturing, quarrying, retail, construction, civil engineering, defence, agriculture, horticulture, education, transportation and road haulage as well as government bodies in this country and abroad. A wide range of professionals are also represented, such as, plant manufacturers and dealerships, training providers, national awarding bodies, professional institutions and universities. OPERC has members and branches across the globe, including the United States, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines and Nigeria. By encompassing such a broad range of members OPERC is able to provide the opportunity for an organisation to network with the finest professionals in industry and attain common standards internationally. Best practice and innovation does not discriminate between industry borders.

OPERC is a non-partisan, non-profit making organisation which has the sole objective of sharing knowledge and enabling professionals to become experts in their field whether this be small power tools, industrial cleaning machines, road sweepers, heavy haulage vehicles or knuckle boom cranes. Funds generated for the association are used to produce and disseminate information that would simply be too expensive and time consuming to produce for a single organisation. The association is owned by the members but steered and guided by an executive panel of experts.

Why not join the association today by completing the on-line membership application form and join the true professionals.